Welcome to SmartPhotoGadget.com

Hi everyone and welcome so Smart Photo Gadget, my blog and review site aimed at smartphone photography, accessories for your smartphone, and tips to help you create stunning photos with just what you have in your pocket!

With the gap between Dslr cameras and the camera hardware on phones such as the iPhone x, Samsung Galaxy S8, and the Sony Experia becoming smaller with each new release, smartphone photography is set to take off in a big way!

A lot of people feel that being a photographer is a dream job, but think it is unattainable as the cost of Dslr cameras and lenses can be eye watering to say the least, however, with the quality of camera on smartphones, and the advances in technology for your phone, taking great photos just became a lot easier!

Check out Smart Photo Gadget regularly if you have any interest in a new iPhone lens kit, a tripod for your Samsung Galaxy, or other accessories such as battery packs and find out what we would recommend to suit your budget and skills.

We’ll also be highlighting books and courses that will take your photography to the next level, you never know, you might even bag an award one day!

So there we have it, if you love taking photos on your phone, follow us on Facebook here ->  https://www.facebook.com/smartphotogadget/

Shop for kit and accessories here -> http://amzn.to/2yaAhOK

Improve your photography skills here -> http://amzn.to/2xzvJAZ


Purchases made by following affiliate links on this page may result in smartphotogadget.com earning monetary rewards

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