Top 5 ways to improve your smartphone photography

Do you suffer from disappointment when you were hoping for great results?

The camera hardware on the smartphones of today is good, but if you want to take your photography to the next level there are some things you should definitely think about investing in.

Camera phones often suffer from a lack of stability, restricted focal length, and a few other shortfalls, so if you want to overcome these obsticles, read on for our top 5 must-have accessories to improve your smartphone photography.

  1. A Tripod

Nothing is more disappointing than to find your perfect shot is no good because it has come out blurry. The added stability of a tripod has lots of benefits other than helping to create sharp, blur free images; take great ‘long range’ selfies using a bluetooth shutter release, have a fixed reference point for multiple exposure shots, or shoot stable video cuts.  The difference you will notice in the quality of your photographs will be instant, and unlike Dslr tripods, smartphone tripods are lightweight and easy to transport around.

Our Top Pick -> Manfrotto Pixi Mini smartphone tripod

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  1. Upgraded Lens

Smartphone lenses are getting better, with more pixels and higher resolutions, however, your creative freedom can be severely limited by the fixed focal length and associated digital zoom, which will destroy the quality of your photo.

Investing in new lenses to suit your style will open up a myriad of opportunities to photograph your chosen subject; telephoto for nature, macro for close ups, or a wide angle lens for landscapes are all available, as well as optical zoom lens attachments that make a great travel companion for different scenarios.

Our Top Pick -> Sony QX10 digital camera attachment

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  1. Portable charger pack

Not directly related to creating better photos on your phone, but certainly a worthy investment for anyone who is serious about using their smartphone for photography or video production.

Although they are improving, smartphone batteries can be drained VERY quickly if using the camera a lot, and couple that with social media use, internet connections and other apps running merrily away in the background, its’ easy to see the benefits of having a portable charger in your back pocket, simply plug in, have a cup of tea, and end up with a fully charged battery. Nice.

Our Top Pick -> BlitzWolf Ultra-Compact

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  1. Bluetooth remote shutter release

If you love a selfie, or if you can’t ask a passer-by to take the photo for you, then a bluetooth camera shutter release is a must have. Take creative photos of yourself from as far as 30 feet away, giving you much more creative freedom than the short reach of a selfie stick, or avoid sounding like a lunatic by relying on shouting ‘shoot!’ to activate the voice command.

Shutter releases are also good for eliminating camera shake while using a tripod, or accidentally pushing your phone off a ledge while attempting that award winning photo!

Our Top pick -> CamKix Bluetooth Remote Control

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  1. Knowledge!!

Photography is essentially an expression of freedom, the ability to create whatever you like without boundaries, however, there are some tried and tested techniques that help create better photos, so it is certainly worth investing in a course or book to help expand your skill set. If you are even slightly serious about improving your photos, then you must invest in knowledge!

Our Top pick -> The Smart Phone Photography Guide: Shoot * Edit * Experiment * Share

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