Got Glass? Top 5 best smartphone lenses.

Frustrated with being stuck with the same fixed focal length of your smartphone camera? Get closer to the action or pack more into the shot with one of these great smartphone lenses, and being small enough to slip into your pocket (mostly!) you won’t miss out on that great shot again.

  1. ExoLens pro wide angle lens for iPhone

Great for packing everything into a landscape shot, this Pro quality wide angle lens will open up a world of photo opportunities to you.  The mount features a cold shoe mount for adding other accessories such as a flash, and it avoids the ugly and clunky design of a clip-on lens. The optics also screw off, giving you the standard camera lens while leaving the mount place, nifty if you couple this lens with…

  1. ExoLens pro 2.0 telephoto lens

…This effort. The same mount and Zeiss optics, but giving the additional reach of a telephoto lens. If you can stretch to it then this pair of lenses, along with your standard iPhone lens, will give you all you need to capture those awe inspiring photos that make your friend’s jealous.

ExoLens Pro

  1. Apexel 120 degree wide angle lens

Similar to the Exolens wide angle, this Apexel wide angle will help you pack more into your photo, while keeping more coin in your pocket, while the universal clip-on design means you can use this lens on new devices as you upgrade. You can also fit a screw on Polarizing filter for great saturation in your shots.

Apexel wide angle lens

  1. Sony QX10

More than just a lens, the Sony QX10, and it’s cousins, are stand along cameras in their own right, minus the screen or viewfinder. What use is that, you might wonder? Well these bad boys pair up to you your smartphone or tablet via the NFC connection, so you use that screen as the viewfinder.  The QX10 packs in an 18Mp sensor and a 10x optical zoom, giving you reach and quality all in a small easy to carry package.

Sony QX10

  1. Camkix smartphone lens kit and tripod.

If you really are on a budget, or just want to dip your toe into the possibilities afforded by additional lenses for your smartphone, then the Camkix kit is a great choice.  Available for lots of different handsets from Samsung, Apple and Sony plus others, this kit gives you 4 lenses that cover pretty much all you will need for starting out.  Not only that, you get a tripod as well, helping keep your photos pin-sharp, and make the most out of long exposure times as well.

Camkix lens kit

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